Eva: Transgender Voice App


Eva for Android is in the final stages of development. We are hopeful that it will be released in early 2020.

Eva 2.3.4 is now available for iOS devices

Eva provides users with a free sample lesson so that those of you new to Eva can experience the program before purchasing it.  We’re also excited to provide a free frequency tuner created just for Eva. We’re currently working on one of Eva’s real-time voice analysis tools, our ground-breaking resonance analyzer, which will allow you to shift resonant frequencies (the overtones) to shape your voice. The other tools that are already available are: pitch tuner, pitch tracker, Metronome (for pacing your speech) and a voice recorder to keep track of your progress.

Eva F’s voice training program (when complete) will consist of three courses:

  1. Voice Feminization Fundamentals– for transgender women who are just beginning to transform their voices.
  2. Beyond the Fundamentals– for women who already have some voice training experience.
  3. Mastery of Your Feminine Voice– for women who feel confident in the skills they have devleoped, and want high-level advanced techniques to maintain their feminine voices.

The Voice Feminization Fundamentals course (20 lessons) is now complete.

EvaM, our trans masculine voice training app is about 50% complete. When complete, there will be one course (“Trans Masculine Voice” consisting of 10 lessons. Supplemental lessons will be created as needed.


iOS: Eva apps are available for iPhones and iPads that run iOS version 6 and higher.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Eva 2.0 does not migrate Eva 1.0 apps.  You will still be able to work with the Eva 1.0 apps you have purchased.  When working with Eva 2.0 simply navigate back to Eva 1.0 apps when you want to work with those lessons.  

Eva 2.3.4 is NOT compatible with iPhone models 4 / 4s or below as well as iPad Pro.

Dear Android Users

There is rapid growth in the mobile device ecosystem.  The significant number of new devices that are reaching the market–each with software customizations–is leading to platform fragmentation that is weakening interoperability because applications that are built for one variant might do not necessarily work on others.

Here at Eva we are experiencing some of these same issues. Some of the Eva applications rely on specific hardware specs to perform voice analysis and other important functions such as real time processing of voice.

The issue with developing for the Android platform actually has to do with the voice analysis aspects of the coaching program.  Eva is NOT a simple app of videos.  It is a comprehensive program/method, which includes high-level voice analysis algorithms.  Eva is one of the early “coaching apps” that are increasingly becoming available. Have you heard about Ubersence? It’s a sports coaching app.

Most app developers, who are using high-level unique algorithms such as we’re using, are ONLY developing for Apple because ALL iOS devices have the same hardware specifications.  As you may know, there are over 1300 individual Android devices and we are simply not resourced to do the research needed to determine which microphones would have similar specs and develop accordingly.

When we first released Eva in 2013, we did not know about this challenge.  Later we discovered that the Nexus 7 (not the 4) and a few other devices shared the same specs with the S3 (and now the S5) so the pitch tracker in the app worked.  This was a chance finding since we only intended to release Eva of the S3 (and now S5).  When Eva did not work effectively on all those other devices, we got a lot of negative comments, which hurt us. We changed the eligible devices In Google Play, so that all updated OSs for devices other than the S3, S5  S6 would not be enabled.

We are a tiny company with a very limited budget and thus are moving slowly to completion of ALL courses.  We realize that this causes a lot of frustration. We have a world-class voice scientist and a master’s degreed DSP engineer developing our tools and algorithms.  We are working as hard with the resources we have to complete Eva for iOS. Then we will determine which Android devices we’ll develop for.

Please understand that as a small company, we are working hard to meet the voice training needs of transgender people as best we can at this time. We appreciate your patience and support.

Kathe Perez