now available yellow imageNew Eva lessons available now!


Three new lessons for the gals and two initial apps for the guys are now available in the Apple App Store!

The apps will be available for Android devices in Google Play soon.

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Important note for Android users: Eva Pitch will only run on Galaxy 3. 

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Eva Ad September 2013


Important note for Android users: Eva Pitch will only run on Galaxy 3. 

Dear Android Users

The rapid growth of the Android ecosystem and the significant number of new Android devices that are reaching the market with heavy software customizations is leading to platform fragmentation that is weakening interoperability because applications that are built for one variant might not work on others. At Eva we are experiencing some of the same problems. Some of the EVA applications rely on specific hardware specs to perform voice analysis and other important functions such as real time processing of voice.

In order to better support our Android customers we have decided to release and support specific devices that have successfully been tested in our labs. We will currently support Samsung Galaxy S3 (except S3 mini and S3 progre) and we will release support for other Android devices as new devices are fully tested and certified. We regret any inconvenience caused to those Android users who are not currently on the support devices and will gladly refund their Eva app purchase. For information about how to get refunded, click here.

We sincerely apology for any inconvenience and certainly hope you will be patient with us as we work hard on your behalf to develop exceptional voice training apps.

Kathe Perez