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  • Speak Up, Speak Loud, Speak Proud

    I am an activist.  If these are the words you use to describe yourself then you might be one to believe that it is essential to fight for what is right. Until recently, I was completely ignorant to the struggles of other minority groups.  The two most defining aspects of my identity are female and…

  • How to Sound Feminine One Step at a Time (Step 2): Belly Breathing – where it all begins

    3 easy exercises for training the essential element of breathing in-breath — out-breath in-breath — talk in-breath — out-breath in-breath — talk Respiratory Mechanism: Our bellows-like respiratory activator (diaphragm and lungs) provides the driving airstream necessary for phonation (making sounds). Phonation [fōnā′shən] Etymology: Gk, phone, sound; L, atio, process -the production of speech sounds through the vibration of the…