Eva 2.3.2


What’s New with Eva 2.3.2!?

Hello Eva users!

We want to share with you some great news: We’ve recently added a new developer to our team! That means more improvements and features in the very near future, so keep an eye out for updates and, as always, please send us your feedback!

In this update:

– We fixed the much maligned issues when switching between audio devices (like headphones and speakers). No more accidentally playing lessons from your phone speaker when you have the headphones plugged in. 

– For some users the app would occasionally crash when tapping “Listen to Audio”. Now that button should always do what it says it will do and let you listen to the Audio!

– As developers always do, we’ve streamlined a few things and fixed a couple small issues. You’ll probably never even notice these little improvements, but trust us, they’re there!

Happy vocalizing!

– The Eva Team