About Exceptional Voice

EVI-logo-small-359x75 Exceptional Voice, Inc.  (EVI) is a Colorado corporation providing communication of speech, voice and public speaking training programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individuals since 1997.


VoxPop-S-Color2 logo In 2000, EVI’s focus evolved toward caring for transgendered women. After more than a decade refining the elements, training approach and techniques, EVI expanded into VoxPop, LLC, a Nevada LLC, which provides exceptional speech and voice training applications for mobile devices. The first line of products will be developed specifically for the worldwide population of transgender women. VoxPop, LLC., is a virtual company consisting of a core team of people (CEO, Content Developer, Graphic and UI Designer, Software Developers, Voice Science consultant, and Marketing Strategists). Our company name, which is derived from the Latin phrase, vox populi (“voice of the people”), best describes our heart and soul:  

  • to provide an innovative, lasting solution for the voice and communication problems of transgender people.
  • to help people overcome voice and communication difficulties by providing a new and unique learning experience that includes real-time intuitive visual feedback.